The Harvey Medical Society is here to help better the lives of students in the Harvey community and we know that it is never easy.

  • Studying Medicine
  • Moving to another country
  • Keeping up with all the exams

These are not simple tasks and we all need support. We all could use someone to talk to.

With that in mind, we offer you a free platform to do so.
Listed below are volunteers from the specialty in Psychiatry (the therapy sessions will be of a Psychological nature) who have each offered their time for this purpose.
If you feel in need of assistance or if you just want to talk to somebody – we urge you to contact them directly (to assure anonymity) and schedule a meeting in the Cascina Cravino (Via Agostino Bassi 21).

The therapists:

Dr. Francesca Acerbi

Email: francesca.acerbi01@universitadipavia.it

Available: By appointment

Dr. Miki Bonizzoni

Email: miki.bonizzoni01@universitadipavia.it

Phone: 339/2031140

Available: By appointment

Dr. Guido Nosari

Email: guido.nosari01@universitadipavia.it

Phone: 393/4904364

Available: Thursdays afternoon

Dr. Benedetto Di Marco

Email: benedetto.dimarco01@universitadipavia.it

Available: Thursdays afternoon

Dr. Federica Calorio

Email: federica.calorio01@universitadipavia.it

Available: Fridays afternoon

Dr. Cristina Catania

Email: cristinagrazia.catania01@universitadipavia.it

Phone: 340/4891211

Available: Mondays afternoon

Dr. Irene Famularo

Email: irenefamularo@gmail.com

Available: afternoons, except Thursdays

Dr. Lucia Di Maggio

Email: lucia.dimaggio01@universitadipavia.it

Phone: 333/9763064

Available: Afternoons, except Wednesdays

* Another available option is offered by Harvey’s own, Gözde Utan: She is an experienced professional practitioner of the Grinberg method (you can read more about it here.)
Gözde volunteers her time for free but will charge 10 euros to cover the renting cost of the clinic.

Email: goezde.utan01@universitadipavia.it

Website: www.gozdeutan.com

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